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That was just awesome. This is probably the only clock movie I enjoyed. Only problem is, I think the score should be much higher. This should have a lot more attention.

topcatyo responds:

Thanks :D


I like your style of flash. Nice ending. Keep it up Matt!

Strik3Mast3r responds:

Lol. Thanks, now everyone knows my name :P

Thanks for the review BTW.


Im agreeing with everyone else. If what you say in your commentary is true, you are a very able animator. If you've only had flash two weeks and you're making things like that, who knows how good you'll be after years of work? you already seem to have a knowledge of filters, Frame by frame animation and sound input, things that many flash animators wouldn't have figured out after half a year of work. Me for example! I think you should give yourself a pat on the back there mate, a job well done.

M-GOD responds:

That means a lot, thanks


I've just spent my time looking through all your stuff, and i really enjoyed all of it. You know what makes people laugh. Although I'm not going to compliment the graphics, i think the animation is really smooth and well planned. You go on my favourite artists list (OmG)

MyKindOfFlash responds:

Thank you!

And yeah, I'm working on the graphics. If you stay tuned, you'll be pleasantly surprised by my next movie!


I enjoyed it. twas a decent fbf. i dont know what roCapps problem is, the arrogant shit. Just ignore people like that. Anyway, i think you put a lot of work into it, so I'll give you a five. Can i just ask- what flash tool did you use?

Lucas4560 responds:

yeah i knew i would get a bad reveiw or two o-well. I am using CS3 and a hanvon drawing tablet.


i dont understand y u gave me such a bad review when ur submitting things like this. please practice drawing a bit more before u sumit another. it is better to submit nothing than submit something bad. nice song tho.

CorellonL responds:

You're right, actually, and I have no way to retort to that. I didn't have Flash when I gave you that bad review, and I didn't really understand how hard it is. Sorry, mate.


u... u need help. i didnt even watch it all the way thru. seriously. u need desperate help. and dont just tell me that minefield 2 mite be better, or tht uve submitted about 45 submissions, cos theyre all really helpless.
i recommend watching a lot of decent tutorials. i beg u. Twas quite punishin to the eyes. Im not tryin to be a dick n make u hate me. do it for ur own good. and if u want to #be really good at things like this, get the full version of flash. theres ways other than buying it.

Frenzy responds:

well, this was a Flash I made in like 20 minutes

considering its ur first...

seeing as its ur first its done very well... got quite a good score. Although u say it was just a tester on your animation, to give a clearer idea try to make it just a BIT longer, and make it a bit slower so that the viewer can follow it easily and understand it. Anyway, enough of my advice, well done!

Korgha responds:

ok thanks for advice but the reason it was so short and fast was because i was working to a deadline and didnt have time for all those extra keyframes lol


very well drawn.. you've improved well. one of the best detailed drawers and animaters on newgrounds. however one bad thing.... UR A FUCKING MENTALIST. THAT WAS FUCKING SICK.

MakoSucks responds:

haha thanks!


That's a pretty good piss taker....making fun of the fact thatit's boring and is really small....and u also took the piss out of the fact that it's all black and white and never has any colours... so u made it every colour of the rainbow... nice.

SPLANKGY responds:


Racecar is racecaR backwards.

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